The photographic project conceived by Loredana Celano | Silvano Pupella for Benetti captures aspects ranging from passion for the product, right down to the smallest detail, through to the desire to constantly experiment with new languages that allow us to reinforce and push boundaries.

Photography becomes the lens, literally and figuratively, that traces the special bond between humans, dimensions, scale and spatiality. In exploring the organic and geometric forms present in nature, we come to understand how art and technology can coexist in perfect harmony.

Art, in the widest sense of the word, covers any activity that leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression through technical devices, innate or learned skills and techniques or approaches derived from study and experience. Here it is expressed through the language of photography, the perfect medium for transmitting emotions and messages that encapsulate the technology and imagination that together define Benetti.

MINIMUM MAXIMUM is a selection of 12 images taken in our shipyards in Livorno and Viareggio, the result of an unconventional artistic vision that projects the observer into a world that is not only poetic but true to life.

MINIMUM MAXIMUM was produced in a limited edition of 240 numbered copies.